Aluminum Rack w/ 1 Cage, Black

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The Cages & Racks:

This very inventive Sport Bottle Cage & Rack system is an absolutely ingenious design that meets the demands of a Club that is dedicated to keeping their edge.  Innovation is a very important tool in the competitive arsenal. Club Amenities enjoys sharing its innovations with you to keep you competitive.

  • are made of rust-proof aluminum
  • are lightweight and strong
  • holds from as few as 1 up to 4 Cages
  • Cages hold the Sport Bottles, naturally
  • Cages can be changed out and added as your
        Club grows without having to change the Racks
  • Cages come in silver & black
  • Racks come in silver & black
  • you can mix & match the Cages
  • are powder-coat painted for long lasting finish

Aluminum Rack w/ Single Cage, Black