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Combines the traditional mouthwash flavors of eucalyptol and menthol with peppermint and spice.  This formula of active ingredients with Aloe Vera and  Glycerin will freshen breath, reduce plaque and gingivitis when used in concert with a program of oral hygiene and professional care.  This highly effective mouthwash has a very pleasant taste and is a favorite of country club members. {Price shown is for a 4 / 1 gallon case}

Key Ingredients:


     Aloe Vera Barbadensis Juice

     Specially Denatured Alcohol 200

     Glycerin Kosher (Vegetable Derived)

     Nutrasweet® (Aspartame)

     Eucalytol, Menthol, Peppermint Oils


ALTER EGO® Icy-Blue Mouthwash is a highly effective and great tasting mouthwash that contains active ingredients like eucalyptol & menthol that freshen breath, Aloe Vera & Denatured Alcohol that is naturally antibacterial, and is sweetened just right with Nutrasweet®.

Alter Ego® Icy Blue Mouthwash